Aspergers: A Thought Disorder?

At what point do we take asperger’s as a communication social disorder and start viewing it plain and simply like a thought disorder. Fundamentally, all social interaction and relevance comes frome personal thought and the relationship between the other bodies within the world. Our thoughts rely mostly on social cues and rules. For example, the main subject of our thoughts often times start with me or you. This has the social annotation that all the bodies in the world are different and their are relationships in between. This is the very basic principle of social reality as we see it and it lies within the roots of conscious thought. Therefore since social reality is the offspring of thought than how can you not say that what we experience as separate bodies would not be the one flaw in our existence? Thought is a beneficial tool that we can use to interpret social reality, and proves to be very valuable, however it requires to much effort to steer through the confines of social reality. It is the biggest downfall of this world and the greatest barrier to becoming enlightened. If only we could shut it off or turn it on like a like switch.

Bryan Carlson

Axel Video and Film


About axelvideo

Axel Video and Film is a media production company located in the Twin Cities. It focuses on capturing the unique sounds and sights within the community and abroad. We excel in manipulating audio and video together to create a specific mood that can later be delivered to the designated target audience. We are a perfect blend of creativity and professionalism that wont quit until our clients are completely satisfied. We follow the production through every step of the way until it reaches the final product. We are so confident in our services that we guarantee you are happy with the final video or you get your money back. Take your time to browse our site and see what Axel Video has been up to.
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