Disability Day on the Hill


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It was disability day last week at the capital. There were several non profits there that were advocating for disability rights. Some of the issues raised were about the recent PCA cuts and a voter id requirement that would disenfranchise many citizens who are disabled. Many of these non-profits were interviewed most notably being the representatives and clients of Arc. Today was a very productive day at the capital.

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Something to Ponder

It was a beautiful day at lambau field and a great day for a game between arguably the biggest rivals in the NFL. The Cheers and the Jeers of the home town Green Bay fans resonated through the air as both teams took the field. The Packers, in the mist of a magical season that no Minnesotan would ever admit to let alone aknowledge were riding a six game winning streak to start the season. The anger started brewing even louder. The Vikings going into the game with a 1-5 start have reduced their role from contenders in the division to spoilers. The hatred has now become insurmountable as Green Bay’s Home crowd expressed that their feelings for their enemy was than just an unpleasant distaste. It’s time for kick off, and the story line between the most recongized border battle is about to continue.

…What? wait just one second. This has the feel of a road game for the Vikings why are their so many fans jeering in the stands. This image had not taken place on foreign soil, it was happening on our own soil or turf. I know Jared Allen told everyone not to sell tickets to packer fans but I guess we didn’t listen. Instead we found our Vikings Nation invaded.

Well, alls well never really ends well, but at least the first start in rookie Vikings Quarterback Christian Ponder’s young career got off to a magnificent start. he through a 80 yard bomb to #84 for a touch down on the first play of the game. Some would say just like old times. It had to send fear into the eyes of the Packer’s in reminiscence of former Packer Killer Randy Moss, but this time sportin’ the #84 jersey was wide receiver Michael Jenkins. He walked in easily for the touchdown and just like that the Vikes were up Seven to nothing. Ponder has just begun to emerge as the new Packer killer in town.

On the ensuing drive the Pack and that other quarterback on the field (I always forget his name, sorry. He is no brett favre) somehow managed to move the ball down field for a touchdown of their own against the soft Viking Defense. Ponder and the Vikings responded with a pair of scoring drives and capitalized on a botched punt return by the packers punt returner whoever that no name guy is. The Vikes were up 17 to 13 at half and the Vikes revenge was looking pretty sweet. However, the 2nd half was marred by bad calls and favoritsm by the offiicials, and and the young Viking QB became flustered throwing a pair of interceptions to Woodson, before he regained his composure to march the distance of the football feild to cut the Packer lead to six points. The next Viking drive came to a halt as Frazier elected to punt on 4 and 8, electing to give the ball back to the purples sworn enemy. Vikings ran out of time and the game ended on a false start penalty that strangely was ignored after the play on third down was ruled dead. The clock continued to drain, making it impossible for the Vikings to finish their comeback. The game was over and our team came up short, but the loss was kind of bitter sweet. We saw something in our beloved team today. They showed courage, they showed heart and at the helm they are in good hands with Christian Ponder.

until next time Skol  Vikes,

Bryan Carlson

Axel Video and Film

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Aspergers: A Thought Disorder?

At what point do we take asperger’s as a communication social disorder and start viewing it plain and simply like a thought disorder. Fundamentally, all social interaction and relevance comes frome personal thought and the relationship between the other bodies within the world. Our thoughts rely mostly on social cues and rules. For example, the main subject of our thoughts often times start with me or you. This has the social annotation that all the bodies in the world are different and their are relationships in between. This is the very basic principle of social reality as we see it and it lies within the roots of conscious thought. Therefore since social reality is the offspring of thought than how can you not say that what we experience as separate bodies would not be the one flaw in our existence? Thought is a beneficial tool that we can use to interpret social reality, and proves to be very valuable, however it requires to much effort to steer through the confines of social reality. It is the biggest downfall of this world and the greatest barrier to becoming enlightened. If only we could shut it off or turn it on like a like switch.

Bryan Carlson

Axel Video and Film

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The Thought: An Aspies account

Hello again,

just had a thought. this may seem like radical thinking but can’t help to see how much of our lives are filled with thought. The thought, I believe is the one curse of humanity. Once you have your first thought, It can’t be shut off or slowed down. It keeps coming at you like an unstoppable force. For every second that passes I have at least 5 to 10 thoughts. It’s no wonder many people with Asperger’s get exhausted and worn out. When you have to deal with something so persistent and evasive as thoughts, it doesn’t leave time for much of anything else. If only we could somehow control it, than we may overcome the burden of thought.

If anyone has any comments or opinions about this, please leave a comment. I would like to hear your “thoughts.”

Bryan Carlson

Axel Video and Film

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World Champions of Basketball

I just ordered my WNBA Champion Lynx T Shirt and Hat. The woman of mn rock. I have been waiting for this day my whole life to see one of our professional sports teams win it all. At least the woman can get it done. Both ex gopher coach and ex gopher player, Cheryl Reeve and Lindsay Whalin reunited again to get our state a world championship. Great Job ladies. You should be proud of the beautiful athletic freaks that you are.

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Bryan Carlson


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Capture the Moment with Axel Video


This is the Owner and Sole proprietor of Axel Video. The Crew at Axel Video have been working very hard for the past several months to tweak and enhance the clients experience with us. We are focused on optimizing your time, while creating the highest quality final deliverable as possible. There are a few new visual changes. We changed our name to Axel Video and Film, but we are still the same creative and goal oriented team that we have always been. The Logo has stayed the same, but we are now featuring a more professional and cool color scheme. We have upgraded alot of our equipment and we now have capabilities to shoot in High Definition to bring you the best qaulity video possible. We also have expanded our audio department with more highly skilled individuals working to produce more crisp and clear sound. Our team is nearly flawless while maintaining cost effective and ensuring that you get what you want even faster.

Bryan Carlson

Axel Video and Film

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