Bryan Carlson (Owner of Axel Video at Target Field)

Here are a few examples of our services. We specialize in multimedia, video, audio, project planning and graphic design. Check out our demo reel here.

Power point Presentations –

You or your organization need a powerpoint presentation designed lickety-split for an upcoming seminar. Well you have come to the right place. Our team of skilled designers will put it together for you. Like they say in the business world time is money. We save you time and your organization saves money.

Slideshow/ Video Memorials – Flyer.jpeg

You have a special event coming up. You or someone you know is graduating, getting married, anniversary, or just another special occasion. We will put together a professional quality memorial slideshow for the event.

Business Cards – Version 1, Version 2

Looking to start your own business or need to remodel an old image. You want professional looking business cards to help you network. Take a look at a few sample designs we have created.

Informational, Training or Promotional Video – Treatment Sample

Our team of highly skilled videographer/photographers will carefully construct a breath taking video for you literally from the ground up. You have a video idea or concept and we will follow it through until it reaches the final stages. Axel Video is a part of the entire production process until we deliver the final product to your hands.

CD Covers/ Labels – Sample Design

At Axel Video we feel that the most essential part of every video is product marketing. Therefore we develop and design professional quality packaging that each DVD comes with. You will not be disappointed. if you are not satisfied our job is not done. We will keep working diligently until we get it right.

Feature/ Art Films – Treatment Sample (Buchanon: A Lesson In Futility)

Another aspect of Axel Video is Feature and Short Films. If you are an actor/actress or an aspiring film maker with a great story line or concept, we will help you put your ideas together using film as the medium.

Soundtracks –

Check out our music and sound department here.


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